Tips for Selling a Luxury Home

July 30, 2018

Buyers searching for the perfect luxury home often have discerning tastes and are willing to wait until the perfect property comes along, whether they plan to live there or to purchase it as an investment. Tactics that work with average-priced homes might not be effective for buyers in this price bracket, so you’ll have to go the extra mile to make sure your property stands out.

Setting the Right Price

Luxury homes are more difficult to price due to custom touches and design, so it’s imperative to rely on your agent’s guidance to set the right one. You don’t want to price a home too low and reduce your profit, but setting a price too high can deter buyers and leave it pining away on the market. That’s why it’s extremely important to talk to an experienced real estate agent who can help you determine a competitive price for your luxury home.

Quality Videos, Photos, and Virtual Tour

Video is the new gold standard in visual marketing. Think about the popularity of YouTube and Instagram. Consider creating a video with high production standards to showcase the home’s unique features and selling points. Incorporating drone photography is also essential to seamlessly visualize the property, neighborhood, and local lifestyle attractions such as beaches, parks, and open spaces. It might even be viewed as a negative to some discerning buyers if passed over. And please don’t attempt photography or videography on your own. When it comes to high-end listings, always go the extra mile. High-quality photos, compelling story, and marketing featuring video and social media are musts. You’ll be happy when just the right buyer comes along…and at the right price.

Patience is a Must

Selling a luxury home will normally take longer than average-priced homes, so it’s important to remain patient during this time. One of the main reasons for this is that there not many buyers out there who can afford a multi-million dollar mansion. Eventually, if the above tips are practiced and you have a little patience, the right buyer will surface.

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