Supercharge Your Curb Appeal

February 19, 2018
curb appeal

J.K. Rowling once wrote, “A good first impression can work wonders.”  Here at Brad and Helen Miller we help your house makes a supercharged first impression.  Your house’s curb appeal is the first thing a buyers sees when driving up to your house.  One way to create the best impression is to consider working on some outdoor projects.  

home appeal

  • Make Your Front Door More Inviting.  You can do this by repainting, staining, or refinishing the door to draw the buyers eye to it.  Colorwise, most colors will do, don’t be afraid to use a bright color like a yellow, but avoid fuschias or bright oranges.  Complementary colors always work.  If your home is brick red, a complementary bluish gray door will work.  
  • Refinish Your Deck or Fence. Whether you have a professional come in or you do it yourself, refinishing is never a bad idea.  Sometimes people don’t see the deck until the have already walked through the house.  You don’t want a buyer who is in love with the house, only to be taken back by a worn, faded deck.  
  • Gather the Flower Pots.  Vibrant fresh annuals are very inviting.  They give the impression that the homeowner has internalized their house and wants to be inviting.  
  • Redo Your House Numbers. This not only improves your curb appeal but also serves a practical purpose.  Many house numbers are typically screwed into a wall with screws that are included, but number plaques in metal or brass are also available.  Most hardware stores sell house numbers,  metal or wrought iron usually look the best.  
  • Change your Mailbox.  If your mailbox is shopworn and tired looking, now is a good time to switch it out.  Homebuyers always find it very encouraging to see a brand new, pristine mailbox.   Whether you have a regular mailbox by the road or a box mounted to your house, adding a new mailbox can help your home sparkle.
  • Replace the Entry Light Fixture.  Most enry ways and porches have had the same light fixture for decades.  This is one of the most common projects  that sellers do to update the outside look.  You’ll find dozens of affordable choices at home centers or, if you want to project some handsome presence, consider a hand-crafted fixture in iron or copper.  Either way, an updated fixture bestows beauty to your home.  

To learn more about Mid-Peninsula real estate and effectively selling your home, contact Helen and Brad Homes.  Helen and Brad Miller are your experts on Bay Area Living.  We want you to be informed about the best homes available and we will see that you have many quality choices.

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