Spring Home Maintenance Tasks To Add to Your Checklist

March 21, 2018
Spring Home Maintenance

Each year when the weather starts getting warmer and we open the windows, the term “spring cleaning” pops up. While most people apply this to cleaning the inside of their home after a long winter, it also applies to the outside of your home. These 6 simple spring home maintenance tasks are great to add to your checklist, and can help prevent larger problems down the road.

  1. Clean the Gutters: this task is especially important to prevent leaking and build-up in your gutters. Cleaning should be done twice-yearly, and you can start by checking for any leaves or other debris that was caught in the gutter over winter. Check the bottoms of your gutters for small granules of asphalt, as this may be a sign you need to replace your roof.
  2. Inspect your Roof: start by walking around your home and looking closely at your roof. You should keep your eyes out for curled or missing shingles, rusted or pitted flashing, and cracked caulk around pipe collars, skylights, or other roof penetrations.
  3. Repair Paint: keep painted surfaces looking new by scraping off chipped or peeling pain and spot painting exposed surfaces. The worst thing you can do is leave the wood exposed and lead to rotting.
  4. Trim Overgrowth: spring is a great time to trim up trees and other types of shrubs that have become overgrown. Start early before leaves begin to crowd your view of individual branches, and trim them 5 to 7 feet away from your house. This will prevent them from transferring moisture to your roof and siding. This can also discourage animals from exploring ways to nest in your attic.
  5. Ensure Good Drainage: good drainage is key to keeping your home happy, and can also prevent mold, mildew, termites, and basement leaks from happening. Check to make sure the soil slopes away from your foundation to keep rain and snowmelt far enough away.
  6. Check Foundation Vents: a home with a crawl space will have vents along the foundation walls, which provide air circulation and dissipate extra moisture. The vents have screens to keep critters from taking up residence under your home, and are usually recessed and become a catch-all for leaves, twigs, and other debris.

Foundation Vents

Keeping your home tidy year-round is key if you’re planning to sell down the road. When you’re ready to list your home, call Helen & Brad Miller at 650-400-1317 to help walk you through the entire process.