Maintaining a Luxury Home

July 19, 2017

Maintenance is one of the many important responsibilities that comes with homeownership. Taking good care of your home is crucial when it comes to keeping its value. If you own a luxury home, maintaining it is even more important to keep it looking its best and to prevent depreciation. If you want your luxury home to stay looking and feeling luxurious, don’t neglect these maintenance aspects. 

Update & Maintain Interiors

Interiors should be maintained and updated with fresh décor and new paint, linens, and decorations. Look for housing trends that could easily work in spaces like your bathrooms or kitchen, and update as needed. With most luxury homes, there’s a good chance the home was built with the highest quality materials. Make sure to maintain and properly clean these luxurious features.

Use the Best Products

Luxury materials and finishes require certain products for proper maintenance. This means specific granite and stainless steel cleaners, specialty products to preserve real wood floors, and more. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the materials rather than cleaning or restoring them. It’s important to do your research and know how to care for the finishes in your home.

Curb Appeal

The exterior aesthetics of a luxury home are what really give it the “wow” factor. Be sure to maintain the lawn, trim the hedges, plant flowers or bushes with pops of color in the front lawn, and keep the paint and siding neat. Don’t forget to power wash the driveway after a storm to clear the area of any debris, leaves, mud, and excess water. Breathtaking curb appeal adds to the overall value of your luxury home.

Inspect the House & Keep Up With Repairs

Ensure your roof is maintained and regularly inspected for any missing tiles or shingles. Clear the gutters regularly to allow proper drainage. All repairs should be completed immediately to prevent further damage. Bathrooms, kitchens, water systems, cooling devices, roofing, and flooring are all high priority items that should be maintained. Regular cleaning can reduce buildup and grime, as well.

Keeping your luxury home well maintained is critical for increasing or maintaining your home’s resale value. If you’re thinking about listing your luxury home on the market, contact Brad Miller of Helen & Brad Homes. Brad is a real estate professional specializing in luxury real estate. Contact him today!

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